Education Materials

NEBShark and NEOSunfish


Click Here to view or print our Brochure.

Coloring Pages

Click Here to view or print our Basking Shark and Ocean Sunfish Coloring Page.
Click Here to view or print our Marine Debris Coloring Page.

Mail In Sighting Cards

Click Here to view or download a PDF file of our mail-in Sighting Card. Fill out this card and mail to NEBShark.
You can use this card to report your sightings of either ocean sunfish or basking sharks seen offshore.

Stranding Key Tag

Send NECWA $1 and we will mail you our Stranding Key Tag. This tag goes on your key ring and is a great way to keep important stranding numbers close at hand. One side of the tag has NECWA's stranding number to call if you see a stranded live or dead ocean sunfish. The other side of the tag has Mass Audubon at Wellfleet Bay's stranding number to call if find a live or dead stranded sea turtle.

Key Tag Turtle Key Tag Mola

For each key tag needed, send $1 to
NECWA (New England Coastal Wildlife Alliance)
11 Clarence Soule Drive
Middleboro MA 02346

Marine Wildlife Contact Numbers

Report In the Massachusetts Area:


Sea Turtle

Marine Bird

North Atlantic Right Whale

Entangled Marine Animal

Seal, Whale, Dolphin or Porpoise (live or dead, on the beach only)

Additional contact information for organizations on the Atlantic coast can be found on the NOAA Fisheries Service website.
Marine Mammal and Set Turtle Stranding and Disentanglement program can be obtained from NOAA Fisheries website.